Welcome to Impulsion

Welcome to Impulsion Sim Game - one of the oldest games of its kind online. Impulsion is an innovative, realistic game geared towards mature players searching for simple gameplay and close-knit community. Designed to provide a wholesome, fun, and educational experience, our goal is to create and maintain a community based atmosphere, preserving the traditional methods of gameplay that many 'simmers' enjoy while integrating new methods of automation that make play simple and fun. Impulsion was designed with the advanced player in mind, www.endlesssummertanninglp.com and offers a wide away of features to make gameplay easy - from third generation pedigrees to progeny trackers to an automated results compiler - while still maintaining a classic style.

Maintained by a team of experience 'simmers' devoted to their craft and constantly evolving, Impulsion is a 'different breed of sim game', often imitated but never duplicated. We offer a one-of-a-kind chance for you to create a dream of your own design.